Design Process


The design process is different for every project and every client, but will follow this rough outline, roughly:

1) We’ll talk about

  • The work you hope to have done
  • The material you hope to use
  • When you hope to have the work done
  • How much you hope to pay

2) I will use that information to put a quote together for you asap.

  • If it’s a complex project I will have to make a 3-D model to give an accurate quote and that might take a few days.
  • If it’s a simple project I might be able to give a quote right away.
  • If I can’t do it for schedule or budget reasons, I might have to turn it down.

     *All quote work and the first site visit are free of charge to you.

3) If you like it, we go forward!  In my experience, however, the design process continues all the way to completion…

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