Work Process

WORK PROCESS                                                                              

I am a single man operation and your piece will be cut by me, by hand.  I am not a timber frame broker and I do not sell CNC frames or furniture cut by someone else’s machine.  My work is done by hand with hand and power tools, but what is the definition of work ‘done by hand’?

It depends on who you ask, really.  Some say that using a hand saw is working by hand, but using a power saw isn’t.  Both are tools, both increase mechanical advantage, and both won’t do much good without someone worth their proverbial salt behind them.  My definition is this - If you are guiding something with your eye and hand, you are working by hand.

I am fully capable of completing your entire project with traditional hand tools with no electricity, but it would be pretty time consuming, expensive for you, and self indulgent for me.  I and most other timber framers I know have found a balance that works for them in terms of power and hand tools – and it seems to be about 50/50.  If you want a piece that is cut and finished entirely by traditional tools, I’d be happy to do it – I just might quote both methods to make sure you are happy to pay the difference.

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