About Me

My name is Andy Skoglund and I am the owner of Skoglund Woodworking.  I was born and raised in the western Twin Cities metro area and graduated from the University of Minnesota.

My background and education are in engineering and design – before becoming a full time woodworker I worked as a research engineer, a construction engineer and a project manager.  I have also worked as an illustrator and graphic designer.

I was brought up and trained in the timber framing profession by the best in the business:

Timber Framer’s Guild

Northern Lights Timber Framing – Minneapolis, MN

Woodjoiners – Madison, WI

Lancaster County Timber Frames – Lancaster, PA

Through these great people and craftsmen I have been involved in over thirty projects and continue to learn the craft and tradition of timber framing.  I consider them all friends and allies.

I enjoy my work and it is my passion.  If we ever do business together, you will quickly find that I will go the extra mile to keep you happy because your happiness is my only true gauge of success in a project.

The desire to have something custom built is more important to me than the size or scale of the project, and I enjoy talking with passionate people.  If you have a project in mind big or small, let’s talk!

I look forward to working with you!

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