The Longest Week I Ever Lived Was a Day Behind the Planer

Where do you go from here?

I’m so glad you asked!

An LVL sled provides a straight datum plane for the planer:

A better look at the sled:

Sled in action:

No more whip:

All flat, but not down to thickness:

Flat, equal thickness, but not straight:

A mountain of planer shavings:

Using my trusty sled as a fence datum to rip a straight edge:

Straightline rippin’, never mind the flash:

Routing out a groove for the eventual spline:

Walnut splines (thanks Steve!) and threaded rod (Hey! Hold on! it’s supposed to come apart for moving):

Tightened up and end-cut:

Flooded with resin filler:

Sanding back down to real wood:

Dripping wet with Land Ark!:

Yes, it has taken this long!

Next up, the base…

I can’t thank my boss Clark enough for letting me destroy his shop during all of this!

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