Everything You Wanted to Know and More

Ok where was we?  Where were we?  We was, we were…

Scribing the Base:

Cleaning up a base tenon:

A finished tenon:

A newborn trestle:

Scribing the stringer:

Still scribing the stringer:

Roughed-out dovetail tenon:

Dovetail tenon, again:

Cleaned dovetail tenon:

The beginnings of a dovetail mortise:

A cleaned dovetail mortise and housing:

Another view:

Dovetail joint prefit:

The whole enchilada:

No sh*t talk about this one, I am very proud of it!

Thanks again to my boss Clark for the shop space, Steve at Butcher Block Furniture for the walnut, Mike, Mike, Lefty, Boris, Jen, and everyone else!

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