Time and Change

Last year I cut a harvest shed frame for some great people, and this year I am cutting a new frame for them under its roof.  Much has changed for me in this past year, but that beautiful frame remains all but unchanged.  Fruits of labor, indeed.

Here’s to recognizing all the transience and permanence in our world, and learning to accept and celebrate it.

Entry Storage Bin

I really like using a cleat to hang heavy things with.  It transforms the horrible experience of either trying to hold something massive in position and drive screws simultaneously or having an innocent bystander help you into a simple, accurate, even pleasant experience!

Pine base with a walnut cleat, walnut and maple shelf, oil finish

Everything You Wanted to Know and More

Ok where was we?  Where were we?  We was, we were…

Scribing the Base:

Cleaning up a base tenon:

A finished tenon:

A newborn trestle:

Scribing the stringer:

Still scribing the stringer:

Roughed-out dovetail tenon:

Dovetail tenon, again:

Cleaned dovetail tenon:

The beginnings of a dovetail mortise:

A cleaned dovetail mortise and housing:

Another view:

Dovetail joint prefit:

The whole enchilada:

No sh*t talk about this one, I am very proud of it!

Thanks again to my boss Clark for the shop space, Steve at Butcher Block Furniture for the walnut, Mike, Mike, Lefty, Boris, Jen, and everyone else!